Check out the episode descriptions online, and preview the program trailers. Program 1 is an encore presentation of the 2011 broadcast, and you can see that entire hour streaming online here at the ETOM site. A fully Annotated Script, with stills and video clips, is already available. Programs 2 and 3 will also be streaming at ETOM after Earth Day 2012 broadcasts on PBS.

As the host, you can come up with a few questions or discussion topics (we’ve made a few suggestions here) you think will be interesting to your guests. Perhaps it’s comments from one of the people seen during the program. Some of them also appear in individual profiles in the “Who’s Your Energy Hero?” section of the website. Maybe it’s what another community is doing, such as Portland encouraging kids to ride bikes to schools, and teaching them road safety, or applying group purchasing power to install solar. (“We All Can Ride”, one of the Energize Your Community videos.) Again, it all about what YOU want to come out of the event.

If your party is after Earth Day, you’ll find an annotated script for programs 2 and 3 online.

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