Planning Your Watch Party

Planning Your Watch Party


Think about why you want to host a Watch Party. Do you want to get your neighbors more active in saving energy? Do you think it’s important that your friends know what’s really happening to Earth’s climate? Do you want to help your book club or bridge partners learn “How to talk with an OSTRICH,” and respond to common misconceptions? Maybe you just would like folks to realize that conserving energy isn’t about being Red or Blue! Thinking all that through will help you decide who to invite, and the best venue and date.

With your target audience in mind, decide on the most convenient day and time to bring them together, and where. Is that in your home, or a local library, at your university or church? What’s the best place for getting the kind of people and the kind of outcomes you’d like to see?


It’s always fun to watch a show while it’s airing “live” all around the country. To do this, check your local PBS station to see whether it’s airing one of the three programs at a convenient time for a real-time Watch Party. But always make sure to “check local listings” or confirm broadcast details with your local station, since PBS stations move programs around to address local opportunities.

Don’t want to coordinate with the PBS broadcasts? No problem! You can buy a DVD or Blu-ray disc or sign-up on the ETOM website for a digital download.


Think about how you’re going to reach a critical mass of folks you think might be interested. Do you have a Facebook page that’ll work? Access to a mail list of your club or congregation? Are you going to post flyers in a college dorm or cafeteria? (“Reduce, re-use, recycle.”)

ETOM has template flyers and posters and an overview of the project and each of the three programs. (Program 1, EARTH: The Operators’ Manual. Program 2, POWERING THE PLANET. Program 3, ENERGY QUEST USA. Feel free to download these, and customize for your local needs. There’s also a folder with some great behind-the-scenes images from the taping of the series, the project logo, and more.

You can also find a Word version of an Watch Party Invitation which you can customize to your local date, time, place and specific program.

Once you’ve decided on a date, time and venue, register your event here. That way we’ll know what’s going on, and see if we can help. Be sure to clearly state your city, state, and the day and time of the Watch Party.


ETOM’s belief is that we’re all in this together. In the first program you see a Navy Admiral presenting the Pentagon’s thinking on the reality of climate change. You hear from US Marines and soldiers who are cutting back on fossil fuel to make their mission more secure, and reduce the number of casualties from convoys transporting gasoline. Maybe you’re a member of WWF or Greenpeace, but how about inviting folks from your local VFW? Maybe you’re a vet who’s part of “Operation Free.” Green jobs mean new companies will thrive: so how about cooperating with your local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary for a lunchtime screening? Is there a local congregation that’s part of Interfaith Power and Light: IFPL is committed to ecumenical discussions about climate, energy and environment, and might really like to be part of your Watch Party. We hope ETOM helps break down barriers and builds a community.

If you invite 20-30 people, and follow up by phone or e-mail, you should expect and plan for 10-15 actually showing up. (More, if you spring for pizza or healthy snacks!) Ask for RSVPs, and be sure to send out a reminder e-mail or text or phone call a few days before your event.

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