How to host a watch Party

How to host a watch Party

First of all… THANK YOU for your interest in arranging and hosting a Watch Party for “Earth: The Operators’ Manual.” We couldn’t do it without you!

For any party, the first question is, “who should we invite?” For, ETOM, there’s lots of possibilities:

  • People who want to know more about climate change, but who don’t want to be lectured at!
  • People who want hands-on tools and ideas about how they can save energy and money.
  • People who reject being labeled Red or Blue on energy and who want to see what we all can do together.
  • People who are ready to get inspired by ETOM’s stars, the “people who are energizing America” and perhaps do the same in your community.

Earth: The Operators’ Manual” (ETOM for short) is a PBS mini-series of three one hour programs that recasts the challenge of climate change as a kick in the pants to the ongoing movement to tap the full potential of efficiency and renewable energy. ETOM rejects “doom & gloom” and controversy. Yes, climate change is real, but there are lots of things we can do to adapt, to innovate and begin to mitigate what’s happening. ETOM isn’t about just convincing people about climate, it’s about taking action that’s a win-win-win for all of us. As series host Richard Alley says, “If we approach Earth as if we have an Operators’ Manual, we can avoid climate catastrophes, improve energy security, and make millions of good jobs.”

ETOM was funded by the National Science Foundation and our mission starts by providing factual information about our planet. But the broadcasts and screenings from DVDs or digital downloads are just the beginning. ETOM is really about moving from thought (and talk) to action. So, please, before and after you invite your friends and neighbors to watch at home, or church, or university, or local library, go online and use some of the tools, like the WattzOn widgets, that can help you save energy and money, and tell people how they worked

The new ETOM website, live as of 4/13, provides lots of opportunities to interact with our project and your neighbors. So Join the Conversation. Nominate your own Energy Hero. Share stories (and video, photos and words) of how you’re Energizing your Community.

We hope this “How to Host a Watch Party” section provides some simple steps to arrange a successful Watch Party around Earth Day. Or whenever. After all, it’s going to take some time to solve the challenges created by burning fossil fuels, so any time’s a good time to watch, discuss and act, not just around Earth Day 2012. This section of the site has links to flyers you can use to publicize the event in advance, and tips to trigger follow-up activities. We hope you’ll share what worked to help others expand the effort.

For ETOM, many thanks. And as we always say, Onwards and Upwards!


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