Tips for a Successful "Run of Show"

Tips for a Successful "Run of Show"

Here’s some tips for a successful “run of show” for your party.

    • Be sure you have a large enough TV set, adequate sound, and sufficient seats for all the guests you expect.
    • Have a signup sheet close to the door, and asks folks for their name and e-mail, so you can follow up. Enlist your kids or neighbors to lend a hand.
    • Have a computer with an Internet connection available, and encourage all guests to LIKE the ETOM Facebook page.


    • Suggest folks gather 30 minutes before the program starts on air, or before you plan to hit “Play” on your DVD player.
    • Introduce yourself and briefly share why you organized the event and what you hope will result from it.
    • Ask others to introduce themselves, and share why they’re here and what they hope to experience.
      Watch and enjoy!


      • Encourage guests to post reactions on the ETOM Facebook page.
      • Let them know they can “Ask Richard” to submit questions about the science of climate change, and the promise of renewable energy.
      • Brainstorm stories about your community that can be posted online.
      • See if you can nominate an Energy Hero, and whether you have the time and resources to post a short video, or photo essay.
      • Share videos from the ETOM website with friends and neighbors who did not make it to the Party.

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