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Getting Started - The Operator's Manual

All across America, people are rolling up their sleeves and taking control of their energy future. If you’ve seen the Earth: The Operators’ Manual programs, you’ve already met a few of them. And now you want to join them.

So here’s your “Getting Started” Operators Manual for the most complex system of all – Earth. Crack it open and find practical ideas, tips and resources – all organized around your daily life as Earth Operators. And it comes ready-equipped with widgets to help you save money while you get the planet running at peak performance.

Use the manual in your own way, but remember: we’re all in this together. So share it with friends, families and even your local businesses and elected officials – and remind them that we can have it all: we can spend less, become more secure about our energy future and leave things in better shape for the operators who will follow.

And we’re all learning, so share your tips, experiences and suggestions with ETOM. We love feedback.

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