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Nancy Jackson At the end of the day the atmosphere doesn't care one whit what people think. The atmosphere cares what people do. We can reduce emissions in real time. Why people do it, as long as they do it, doesn't matter to us. – Nancy Jackson, founder, Climate+Energy Project, Kansas

Some people may run in the other direction when they hear there’s another show about climate change, a PBS series, no less. And premiering on Earth Day? Really. How predictable. But what if they discover it’s as much about saving money as about saving the planet? A series whose heroes include conservatives, cowboys, and military men and women?

ETOM isn’t about creating “true believers.” It’s about supporting “get-it-doners”. Sure, if folks have an open mind, ETOM will fill it with a fascinating, straightforward explanation of how our current way of powering the planet is heating up the atmosphere. But you don’t need to feel the heat of fierce debate to see the light about creating a better energy future through efficiency and renewables.

For if climate change is a problem—and the science says it is—then renewable energy, deployed soon and at scale, is the answer. And that’s something we all can work on both as consumers and as citizens. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi

It might seem, at first, just too big a task. After all, it’s collective acts by generation after generation following the Industrial Revolution that have been powerful enough to change the planet’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuel. So how could anything an individual does today and tomorrow possibly make a difference? But let’s confront climate change with personal change (see the Gandhi quote) and, dare we say it, political change (it’s an election year, after all.) But positive action on energy and climate doesn’t belong to donkeys or elephants, Dems or Republicans, Red or Blue, and we can’t continue confused and divided. That’s what our 3-part PBS series and online resources are all about.

So here are some concrete suggestions as to how to "Share the Show."


All segments of all three programs are streaming here (or will be after programs 2 and 3 debut on Earth Day.) We’ve made it super easy to view them, and then forward to friends and family. 

Steve OatmanI agree that the climates are changing. Absolutely. Why they’re changing, I'm not sure. …In the long run? …I hope we have wind turbines everywhere they can produce energy. We need 'em. That’s what America needs to do. That’s the next stepping stone to save ourselves. – Steve Oatman, rancher and "wind farmer," Texas


We’ve got some great contributors to all three programs. Does your brother in law say he doesn’t “believe” in climate change? Nor does Steve Oatman, but he’s still a proponent of clean, domestic energy. And BTW, if the Pentagon knows (not “believes”) that climate change is real… perhaps your family’s pet “ostrich” might give things a second look. We’re happy to be a giant Q-tip to get that irritating sand out of his ears.


Intrigued by Richard Alley’s clear explanation of how we know “It’s Us” who are changing climate? Excited to see what Alaska and Fort Worth, Baltimore and Kansas are doing, along with Portland? Host a Watch Party (we’ve shared—sic—suggestions, and template invites, and more) in your living room, or church hall, or fire station. Don’t forget to send us pix, or post on your Wall or Pinterest. You can buy a DVD or Blu-ray, or—once you’re registered—download a program in HD for free. Send us the feedback form and we’ll send you your choice of DVD.


There are millions of positive examples of people making changes all across America: we’ve only skimmed the surface in program 3, ENERGY QUEST USA. Now it’s YOUR turn. Share (that word again) someone who’s making a difference, and we’ll loan your own megaphone. Let’s have an “American Spring”, and Summer, Fall, and Winter, powered by Twitter and Facebook, and all the new apps that’ll emerge.


Please read our personal “Operator’s Manual” for specific things you can do in your everyday life: driving, eating, flying, buying—or not buying—stuff. It’s an easy introduction to the fully-featured ENERGY GAUGE developed by our partners at WattzOn, which allows you to track gas or electricity used in your home over time, and see changes in your lifestyle showing up as changes in your utility bills. A neat new feature is WattIS and WattIF where you can compare your current driving or diet with possible changes you might make… and visually see the results in either energy saved, or emissions reduced. WattIF we all did what we know would save energy and money! We’re hoping, just like those displays in modern hybrids that quietly remind you when you’re wasting energy, that the ETOM-WattzOn ENERGY GAUGE will be your guide on the side. If it works for you, tell your friends and co-workers.

“Sharing the show” is a concrete way that you, our viewers, can help make a difference in your communities, by advocating for a pragmatic solution to our carbon problems. After all, that pesky s apostrophe in our project’s name, “EARTH: The Operators’ Manual,” the one that keeps on getting misplaced? It’s meant to indicate that “operators” is plural, and that we’re all in this together.

So, Top 3 Things to do right now:

1. Post your favorite quote to Facebook or Twitter

2. Find or host a Watch Party

3. Give the DVD or the “EARTH: The Operators’ Manual” book to a friend. “Share the Show”—it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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