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Calculate Your Energy Use

Think you're spending too much on energy? Want to compare utility bills with your neighbors? Use the HOW I COMPARE widget for instant results.

Want to up your energy efficiency with new appliances or home improvements? Even better if the government or your utility company can help pay, right? Enter your zip code into the REBATES widget on the right to see what's available where you live.

If you want more details on the rebates and other energy savings ideas, click the link to But first (stick with us just a moment!) what's WattzOn?

There are lots of carbon calculators out there! But what we wanted for the ETOM community was something different—a way to measure energy use. We looked around, found a few, tested them and ended up with WattzOn. In their own words, they're "a consumer energy engagement software platform that provides free tools and expert advice to help people understand their energy use and how they can make smart decisions about saving energy and making their homes more green." They've been around for a few years and cooperate with more than 80% of the nation's utilities. So if you register and are willing to spend a little time entering some usage information, WattzOn can provide you with specific recommendations on improving the energy efficiency of your home.

But we know the ETOM community wants the bigger picture. So we asked WattzOn to help us develop a way that people could measure their energy use in the three big lifestyle areas: diet, driving and flying.


So how does it work? (Yes, this is rather like the famous "Missing Manual.") Let's look at Driving. Keeping this page of the ETOM website open, click a new tab in your browser and go to Hit the Driving tab. The drop down menu has just about every model sold in America, so select your make, model and year. The EPA mile per gallon figure will pop up. The default distance driven per year is 12,000 miles, but enter your specific number. You'll instantly see how much fuel you used, what it cost, and the CO2 emissions. Hit save for your WattIS number. But that's not the end. We challenged WattzOn to extend this, so you could compare and save. That's what you can find out with WattIF.


WattIF you...

  • Drive a more fuel efficient car.
  • To calculate, select your "new" car from the drop down menu to see how much less gas you'd use, the CO2 emission reduction and the $$$ saved.


  • Took the bus to work once a week
  • Improve your gas mileage with better driving habits.
  • Eliminate a car or went car-free.
  • To see that scenario, figure out how many less miles you'd drive if you cut your commute with any of those options. Enter that number and, voila, you can see WattIF compared to WattIS.

Save your results as WattIF 1 and try some other options, as well as the Air Travel and Diet selections.

The WattzOn team has dug deep into the data, and they have pretty some surprising results, some of which contradict conventional wisdom! (You just might be using relatively more energy driving to the supermarket than it took to get the produce there in the first place.) But the information on which they base their calculations is all provided in the "White Papers" which you can find in "Learn More" link under each section. Unlike some carbon calculators, our workings are all transparent.

Here's hoping WattzOn and ETOM help you operate just a little more economically, wasting less energy, and stressing both Planet Earth and your pocket book much less at the same time. It's a win-win-win for all of us.


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