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Here’s your Earth: The Operators’ Manual “Getting Started” tips for eating better.

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Buy only what you're going to finish and finish it. $$$ + a fresher-smelling fridge USDA research shows that 25% of our food purchases are wasted.

Food shopping trips

Make one big trip rather than lots of little ones. Missing an ingredient? Improvise. Less time roaming the aisles and waiting on check-out lines Consumers use more energy driving to and from grocery stores than the entire food industry does to deliver food.

Food choices

Join the Meatless Monday Movement $$$ + a healthier you Meat production uses 8x as much fossil fuel energy as fruit and vegetable production and, pound for pound, 13.8x more CO2 is released in growing meat than in growing fruits and veggies. Not to mention that animals (especially cows) leave a long trail of methane gas from their digestive process.


Eat less.  On average, we’re getting very chunky, so, yes, this probably means you. $$$ + plus being thinner and healthier. We know it's tough. Be strong!  


Want to know your food energy use. Try the Diet and Energy widget.
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And if you want to compare the energy costs of your current diet with other food choices,
Watt-IS/Watt-IF is perfect for you

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