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Stuff (Buying)

We do love our stuff.  And all that stuff took energy to make and transport.  It accounts for more than half of our energy use.  Do a mental inventory: how much of your stuff do you REALLY use? And here’s the weird thing:  when we downsize our consumption, we don’t miss the stuff much.

Here’s your Earth: The Operators’ Manual “Getting Started” tips for shedding some baggage.

What to do
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Did You Know?

Go for "previously owned"

Furniture, bikes, vintage clothes and so much more is right out there. Consider them first. $$$ + a warm feeling of connection to the past Studies show 5-15% less energy is used in buying a used than a new item. And it takes 7-10 times more energy to manufacture a new product than to transport an old one from its previous owner to you.

Consign or donate your old stuff

Don't trash your old stuff. Most of it is probably in good enough shape to consign or donate to charity $$$ + helping folks out  

Moo-ve away from cow-made stuff

There are now lots of cool materials other than leather. Buy stuff made of them. $$$  


This is no longer hard. It's just right. You don't need a goody for this. You can save 2400 pounds of CO2 by just recycling HALF of your household waste.

Opt for less packaging

Ditto Ditto.  Who likes that stuff, anyhow?  

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