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Your home is your castle.  Actually, it’s probably wasting as much energy as those drafty old castles of yore.  We suggest you start with the “little” things and that’s mostly about changing old habits. Sure that’s not always easy, but look at all the dollar signs on the home chart.  And your carbon footprint goes down while your $$$ grows.  Plus, your castle will be more comfortable and more inviting and you’ll set a great example for your friends and neighbors.

Here’s your Earth: The Operators’ Manual “Getting Started” tips for your home.

What to Do
Goodies For You
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Get less energy-sucking bulbs; turn 'em off when you're not in the room $$$ + you don't even need to buy a "clapper" Energy use in the home (gas and oil for heating, electricity for air conditioning, lighting and appliances) comprises 14% of our nation's total energy usage, and up to 50% of that energy gets wasted due to poor construction, aging heating systems and appliances, and our daily habits. Half our home energy is wasted! And that's not just energy down the drain – that's dollars and cents, too.


Go from 10 to 8 minutes. Hey, you're clean. Don't forget the low-flow shower head. $$$ + no prune hands


Clean the laundry lint every time $$$ + clothes dry faster; and the cool way lint rolls up off the screen


Turn the water off while you brush $$$ + seriously, do you really need to hear water running?


Run ONLY when it's really full $$$ + those lonely plates on the shelf get some love.


Computers, TV's, Appliances – Turn 'em off; Use "sleep" mode so the TV doesn't watch itself. $$$ + you'll put a stake in the heart of those energy vampires!


78 in summer; Get a "programmable" thermostat and you'll see it pay for itself in about a year. Plant some shade trees if you can. $$$ + even if cheat a little when snuggling.


So congratulations for “Getting Started” in your home. But hey, we haven’t even talked insulation! Want to get into this a little deeper? Here’s some home-related things you can explore.

“Know thyself.”
The How I Compare widget lets you see how your energy bills stack up against your neighbors and a similar efficient home. You may be surprised at the comparison results. Then click “How to Save” for suggestions on how to do better.
Compare Widget
Put outdated energy-hogging appliances out of their misery.
Especially two household workhorses – the washing machine and the refrigerator – old models are seriously inefficient. So if your appliance needs to be replaced, look for Energy Star models and use the Rebate widget to find rebates in your area.
Rebate Widget
Consider solar.
Solar prices are dropping fast, and installing solar can put cash in your pocket each month.
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